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The Pink Party

Well I did it! I had an idea, made a decision to follow through, acted upon it and lived to tell about it. It was a relaxing evening filled with sweets, coffee and conversation. Wait…I should clarify that relaxing was the descriptive word for everyone who attended, I on the other hand started out feeling overwhelmed and had a mini freak out of “what have I gotten myself into?” The rest of the evening I didn’t think about that, but instead focused on the amazing and beautiful women who took the time out of their lives to spend an evening supporting the dream of little ‘ol me. It’s quite humbling to say the least.

I need to take a moment here before sharing a few photos from last Friday to extend a HUGE thank you to sweet Holly. Who not only help me set up, tear down, calm the mini freak out but also gladly took a few candids of the intimate Pink Party as it took place. Thank you seems so …blah and not enough but I’m truly grateful for you and I appreciate our friendship more than you know.

Welcome speech…not really. More like a few words and wringing of nervous hands while doing so.

Then conversations with some of the ladies, and more talking with the hands. Apparently it was an intense conversation… 😉

Actually Tonya is one of my 2013 brides (the girl on the left wearing purple) She’s getting married in Jamaica….I have a feeling this serious conversation was if we should be bringing Hawaiian Tropic or Coppertone sunscreen. Or maybe we were talking about fishing….”the fish was THIS big!!”

I did help a little with the photo booth, but again Holly was there to save the day while I talked everyone else blind. How many times do I have to remind you that God has blessed me with the gift of gab? And if you follow my Instagram feed, I guess these are the first official images of my new haircut.

Towards the end of the evening I clued up by giving away some Philosophy Gift Sets (LOVE that stuff) and what has now become known as the Oprah Giveaway. I had all the ladies open an envelope from me at the same time. I LOVE this photo that captured some of the first expressions as they realized what the gift was.

And this is the part where I start to tear up because the look of gratitude on their faces was unexplainable….in a good way. So much for saying I wasn’t going to cry.

My favourite photo of the night…the group shot. These ladies are amazing women. This one small group is only a glimpse of beautiful stories of personal successes, over coming troubled times, long term friendships, uplifting each other and feeling beautiful on the inside and out. These women, or “my girls” as I have secretly yet affectionately have called them, are women who celebrate life as it is. They are grateful for the life they have now, even if they still strive for it to be more, mean more. Thank you ladies, because without you there wouldn’t be a me. Muah xoxo!!

  • Ashley Parsons - Thank you so much for this Christa! I wish I had read this one earlier… But I am very grateful for everything that night :) See you soon!ReplyCancel

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