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Orangeville Portrait Photographer – Plourde Family

So I don’t know what it is with attracting the MOST fun families this year, but I’ll take it and please don’t stop. Sunday evening I headed to Scottsdale Farm with the Plourde family who is gorgeous and awesome. From the very beginning they were energetic and playful, and you can tell their home is one that is filled with much love and laughter.

For the record, I think Mom & Dad are in trouble by the time Jonathan is sixteen (he’s thirteen) seriously, with that grin and blue eyes…I have a feeling he’ll be quite the catch for those up and coming teen girls.

This is Jesse, he had my heart as soon as I found out his name. I have more to blog about him tomorrow.

And Elizabeth, the definition of sweetness. LOVE her curls and funky blue glasses.

Who could forget Buddha! He’s a year old and this is about as big as he will get. Don’t ya just want to squeeze him?

Francis and Christine aren’t too shabby either….told you this family is gorgeous! I even got a smile out of Dad who tries to be the more serious one of the bunch.

I’ll finish with this family shot because it’s by far my favourite family portrait ever. Love me some golden hour! And to the Plourde family….thank you! It’s so refreshing to see families that are genuinely happy. I’m very grateful that you chose me to capture this time in your lives and share a glimpse into your beautiful family. It was truly my pleasure.

  • Myrna - What a gorgeous family! All of them!
    (and I think you’re right about Jonathan! wow, he’s a good lookin’ kid!)ReplyCancel

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