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Orangeville Grad Photographer – Jesse

When Christine contacted me about family portraits, one of her main reasons was because Jesse is headed to his first year of university. I didn’t know Jesse’s name until the evening of the shoot and as soon as she introduced me, I was smitten. I mean any boy named Jesse, immediately has my heart.

I must admit that I was wrong about Jesse. We were about halfway through the shoot and I made a comment to Jesse about him being the quiet one, and he’s no I’m not actually. It appeared that Jonathan and Elizabeth just liked the limelight a bit more that evening (oops!) As we talked more I discovered that Jesse isn’t ‘quiet’ but at the same time doesn’t need to be loud to express who he is. He has a confidence about him that quiet or loud, is enough.

Not only is Jesse, sweet, confident and a young man who’s ready to take on the world, he’ll be studying bio chemistry at university. And you know, he’s keeping his options open to further pursue either med school, pharmacology or maybe even be an environmental scientist. His Mom must be so proud! And even though he’ll probably be saving lives at some point, I did manage to catch a photo of him being a normal teenager and checking his messages between shots when he thought I wasn’t looking…Busted!  😉

  • Josee Rivest - Wow! Great pictures! My fav is the last one here where he is checking his phone. Very natural…love it. Congrats Jesse!ReplyCancel

  • Huguette Fifield - That is my handsome grandson great picturesReplyCancel

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