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Life Right Now…Busyness

Apparently September has decided to kick itself into high gear and be totally crazy. Let me clarify that I am NOT complaining. I’m actually enjoying being really busy again now that my maternity leave is cluing up. This week has been filled with editing, getting ready to head back to the day job on Monday (starting to have anxiety about that) and preparing for the Pink Party tomorrow night, I guess I’m a little more worried about the party than I thought considering last night I dreamed that I missed it. Yes, the Pink Party happened and I wasn’t even there. Dreams sure can be unsettling sometimes, but I assure you, I won’t be missing it.

Last night I even had the chance to go to dinner with my highschool bestie. We’ve stayed in touch but to say we’ve seen each other to sit down and chat, well that’s been years. It was so awesome to see you Amanda….and it was no surprise that we simply picked up right where we left off.

That’s also “kind of” a glimpse into my new hair do….I’ll get a better photo at the Pink Party….I hopeĀ :)

And to finish up today’s post before I head out to do a million last minute errands for the Pink Party (I tend to exaggerate too), here’s a little sneak peek from Saturday’s wedding. We had crazy wind and a big rain shower during the portrait time so we headed into the barn. Love how this one turned out!

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