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Friday Round Up

What a week!

1. This week it took two year old Jesse to show me that Jenna’s nine month old monitor has a night light. Discovery made by playing with it when he wasn’t supposed to be.

2. Totally went out of mycomfort zone and not only purchased a pair of red pants, but wore them. Then I dripped olive oil on them. Good news the stain came out. And I’m still pretty sure I’m a fashion fail.

3. I keep pinning all kinds of packaging ideas on Pinterest and yet my current packaging is my favourite so far. Silver with a pale pink.

4. Boone is at the groomer’s today and the house is oddly quiet and empty without him here.

But I need to go….I have a bunch of house cleaning to do and baby food to make before we kick off a crazy busy long weekend.

And to start your Canada Day weekend right, I’ll share this video that I discovered this earlier this week!

Happy Friday Friends :)

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